The Sisterhood Project

If your child is injured or in an accident, knowing First Aid could save their life.

Everyone who cares for children should learn how to perform First Aid, but not everyone can afford to. First Aid training can cost $90 to $140. It seems like nothing when you measure this cost against a person’s life; however, for people struggling to make ends meet, this could mean going without food or rent for the week.

The Sisterhood Project will provide free life saving education for low income parents.

Infant and Child First Aid is an essential skill that can mean the difference between life and death when your child is injured and can provide parents with the skills to stabilise their child until emergency medical services arrive.

We want to empower all parents to care for their child following an injury.

Please help us reduce the rates of childhood death from injury in Victoria by donating to help us fund our start-up costs.

This project is independent of PAEDS education service. However, PAEDS First Aid will be working with the team at The Sisterhood Project to offer free first aid training for parents and carers as we believe it is an essential skill that everyone should have access to.