PAEDS offer healthcare courses to educate and promote practice when caring for children. Nursing staff develop and enhance skills and knowledge surrounding paediatric care.

All programs are tailored to suit the learning needs of your team.


What We Offer



Ongoing support and resources specific for your team requirements.



We develop a program in consultation with you. There is no cookie cutter training courses at PAEDS. You get what you need to feel confident in caring for kids.



PAEDS can provide Assessment services for mandatory staff training. This includes Nationally recognised first aid training under partnership with Allens Training, RTO #90909.

Paediatric Healthcare Course Examples

The following paediatric courses are simply an example of what we can offer.


Deteriorating Child Workshop

Any health professional understands that recognition of the child who is deteriorating is time critical. In this course you will learn the key signs and symptoms that point to the paediatric patient requiring more advanced care. You will also learn key principles for managing these children in your centre before definitive help arrives.


Resuscitation Workshops

"You did a great job. Very well presented and made us feel relaxed in assessment."

Course participant 2020

Our absolute bread and butter, in this workshop we take you through the principles of resuscitation in Paediatric patients. Sarah sits on the Australian Resuscitation board and has a keen interest in the progression of resuscitation in children. In this course you will become confident in managing resuscitation drugs, fluids, calculations, Airway and breathing, CPR and defibrillation. We also place a strong emphasis on familiarising clinicians with the team leader role through lot’s of simulation practice.


Procedural Pain Management

With our combined experiences working with children in a number of different circumstances, both in the community and acute care, as well as Grace’s keen interest in this field, we bring you a workshop to assist the healthcare practitioner working with kids and procedures! In this workshop we teach you the physiology of pain, procedural pain management tips and tricks and why it is important to get it right the first time!


Paediatric Fluid Therapy

“Excellent revision. I believe we should attend such a study day yearly. It is very easy to become complacent (with medications).”

Course participant 2021

One of the most confusing aspects of Paediatric care is fluid management calculations, set up, administration and delivery. In this course we take you through the principles of fluid management in children and why it is vital to get right in this age group.


Paediatric Medication Workshops

Medication management is a daunting aspect of caring for children, especially when they are not the majority of the patient load you care for. In this workshop we take you through the pharmacokinetics of medications in children, the 10 rights of medication administration, calculations, setup, dilution and preparation and administration of commonly administered medications. We show you all the tips and tricks from the paediatric world to make your life easier and your patient’s safer.